Why we love Digital Ocean vs VPS Hosting (And you should too!)


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Welcome to another extraordinary post. You are here, it means you must be fed up with your Shared Hosting or you have zeal to learn about VPS Hosting. So let’s start it with some general Day to day Hosting encounters.

In General, there are mainly two types of Beginners in Blogging industry. The One’s who start their career with Blogspot to avoid the initial funding and later on move to Self Hosted WordPress.

And the second type of beginners who start their career directly with WordPress. Well, both have come across a similar problem to find suitable Hosting for their blogs.


digital ocean review


If you have just started your career with WordPress, then you must be in a dilemma to choose VPS Hosting or Shared Hosting for your Blog.

Don’t worry..! You are not alone.

Daily tons of users search in google to find which hosting is best suitable for their blogs. If you aren’t new to WordPress then you must have some Idea of Shared Hosting.

Let me guess, you too started with Shared Hosting like Bluehost or Hostgator right?Then you may have faced Server Overloading issue. If not, then you will face soon. That’s one such drawback in Shared Hosting.

Basically every normal Joe starts their journey with WordPress in Shared Hosting. The journey starts with searching for How to Start blogging with WordPress in Google and you will find Tons of Guides recommending WordPress with Shared Hosting like Bluehost or some other.

But I must say, it won’t fulfill your long term needs. So most of the users convert to VPS Hosting to get more administrator access and better disk space customization. But to manage VPS Hosting you should know Coding.


Ahh!! Thanks to Server Avatar. Here is an Easy Guide to Install WordPress in Digital Ocean with Server Avatar without Coding.


By the end of this guide you will find yourself a solution to all your Hosting issues. In this Guide we will discuss about Pros and Cons of VPS Hosting and Shared Hosting.

The Reasons why we love VPS Hosting and How we pick Digital ocean out of some Tons of Hosting Providers in Market. So let’s hit the show.

What exactly happens with Shared Hosting?


Shared Hosting means renting some portion of a Powerful Server to host your sites. There are many popular Shared Hosting providers like Bluehost and Hostgator.

You can literally host your websites starting from $3 in Shared Hosting.There will be other blogs sharing your same blog’s IP Address.

The problem arrives when other websites in your Shared Host starts getting Huge real-time which in turn increases burden on the server and results in a Server Overload. Remember you are also using the same server, so you too will face site down even you are getting minimal Traffic.

Don’t worry all you have to do is just follow the next few lines and you will change you Mind and Hosting as well.

Why we can Expect in VPS Hosting?



VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. Server is just another computer with RAM and CPU but its works only just for you.

Later, you have faced the problem of sharing the Server with others in Shared Hosting. So let’s buy a server for hosting only your sites.


Let me make it simple for you.

Suppose you are living in an apartment with others. There will be common parking area allotted for all the people in the apartment.

You will share the maintenance fees along with others. If someone spoils that area, then you all should face Trouble. The same thing happens with Shared Hosting.

If you own the Whole apartment, then you will be living alone. So there wont be anyone to disturb you and you will have better Security.  This is called VPS Hosting.


It would be Great to Own something rather than renting to it. But wait!! Owning a complete server is very Expensive.


So now the Big question is How to choose a Reliable VPS hosting provider in Low cost?? Don’t worry I have done all the research for you and found a Good one. That’s Digital Ocean. If i say Good, I mean it.

You must be thinking, there are tons of hosting providers in present days market. But, Why Digital Ocean?  Well let me tell you one Good thing about Digital ocean.

Digital Ocean Hosting starts with $5/month plan. You can compare any VPS Hosting provider like Dreamhost, Interserver, ASO or any other. I bet you can’t find such cheap and Reliable one. And they have good Customer Support Team to take care of all your queries.

DigitalOcean is an American cloud Infrastructure that Provides Virtual Private servers for Developers. Headquartered at New York and recognized as Second largest Hosting Company in the world as of Dec 2015.

Well you must be thinking How such a Cheap Hosting will be Reliable right? That’s the same question that strike my mind first. But after using it for 6 months I must say its Awesome. I have tested the speed and compared it with other Linux hosting providers but Digital Ocean remains unbeatable.

Drawbacks of Digital Ocean  review Hosting:


Like every Hosting have their problems. Digital Ocean too owns some drawbacks. Here are the Few I found so far. Don’t worry I managed to come up with Solutions too.

So, here we go…!

1) Digital Ocean VPS is purely for Web Developers and Coders because Linux installation is not an easy task for newbies.

Yes, it’s the major Problem with every VPS. But not any more. You can easily Setup Wordpress in Digital Ocean with Server Avatar. Follow this Easy and Definitive Guide here.
2) Digital Ocean customer support is just as much as you pay. It takes many Hours to solve our Ticket.

Yes, I agree with it. But you never actually had to contact them because there are Tons of Guides and Tips available in their Community. You can help yourself with the DIY guides available in DO.

3) We can’t run a Professional website using $5/month plan. It’s just for Beginners.

Yes, but you can easily upgrade to $10/month plan to satisfy your website need. I don’t think you can get the advantages in $10/month plan in less price on any Hosting providers. I guess it’s even cheaper than Shared Hosting.

Final Words:

Ahh.. Thanks for reading our Digital ocean Review completely . I think you have already changed your Mind and I expect you will change you Hosting as well. Excluding all the cons, We recommend VPS Hosting over Shared Hosting. It’s your turn to make a move now. Cheerss!!


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Hemchand is the owner of AllTechExpert.com and writes various articles on SEO, Blogging and Entertainment. He loves to surf internet, Travel and meetup's. He is an Electronics graduate by chance and a Blogger by choice.

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Hemchand Sai

Hemchand is the owner of AllTechExpert.com and writes various articles on SEO, Blogging and Entertainment. He loves to surf internet, Travel and meetup's. He is an Electronics graduate by chance and a Blogger by choice.

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