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kontent machine review:Hey guys after longtime I am gonna talk about one product , respect the Kontent machine review  .So many people want to make from online to building high niche to get highly income .now days creating a niche is more popular but some people dont know how to make money online from those niches.

Now  a days creating a niche is more popular but some people dont know how to make money online and how to make unique content from those niches

I started the blogging journey I dont know more about blogging and how to create money making niches ,how to create sites and so manu things .

when I started my blogging journey ,In the olden days when i was new in the blogging field i dont know how to seek the keywords and how to write content for my site.

It is more difficult for me to analyze the keywords ,seo,compettitor ,this are all stuff in goes over my head.I seek so many sites to learn from the online, I got success to create the niches.

So I decided to share free content generater online tool  where you can (skyscraper technique) to scrape the quality content  .This tool helps me to scrap the quality content to make tier  backlinking.

So this post might helpful to get kontent machine review where i will covered and share all the tips about how to scrap the Seo content machine From Your Competitor.

Why Kontent Machine  Machine?

We ,are the entrepreneur and marketer where we will do lots of experiment after that we will write the post respect to that post its so much headache  to write post or content .

As we know that writing a post is very tedious……… job for us, where we can do lots of research and write the post.

Do u know that writing a single content for one site its easy but if we have lots of niche sites ,so we cant write even we can’t handle all the sites at a time.

So I hired some Top lancer ,content writer,facebook and some facebooks groups but the main problem of mine is not solved due to the lancr work sometimes they failed to  submit the content .so i need to give some instruction for content writer to add some google adwords keywords according to my requirements.

So getting lots of burden in my life even though having good content writers ….so its become day-by-day headache to me .

So I decided to seek  such kind of tool where it could help me to write the content like Robotics ..So I look up the best tool which can provide and spin the quality content and solve out my headache.

So I Found Konten machine where it could provide the best unique and quality content ,so that i can use this tool for many niches to scrap the quality content.

In this tool having the all the unique quality ,so it can hold myhorse to buy this beast .Some of the features of Kontent machine is

Features of kontent machine Review:

  • This tool can generate highly and unique content to genrate the more traffic
  • This tool have ultimate funnel to create thousands of article with in  minutes .
  • This tool can spin the articles for the tier linkbuilding
  • it can also spin the quality content by usong the top most tools integration like (KM Spinner, SpinnerChief, SpinChimp, Spin Rewriter).
  • we can get 100%  relavent video and images.
  • It can auto generate the powerfull and useful content that can be easy to use many niches.
  • We can get the 100% unique content depends on the user relavancy.
  • We get highly content bast articles with in less time .
  • Its very easy to use and can get quality based content .
  • we could create our own campaign for the better cloud ways.


Here is the tutorial of Kontent machine review:

 Installation Process of the Kontent Machine Review:

Att first i will show u each and  every step of the tools ,so that u can do ,for the reference i wil provided the snapshot of auto content generater software u can easily follw those steps for installation.This tools have more machanisms window that can get confuse every new person.

Step 1:

In the beginning step it will display some icons ,here u can create new project as well u cn open the existing countent,u can get some quick method to get the content based on your main keywords.it also show some tools that can help to take quick action.


Setting Up New Campaign:

Here u can get lots of option that u need to know  don’t worry i will discuss each and every option .

  •  Content Source:Built-In Article Scraper
  • My campaign name:Blogging.
  • My targeting Keywords to get the Scraper content.
  • Create the tier for which u want to create content.
  • Select the best Spinner to spin the Quality Contents.
  • Do I need the Images/Videos For my Spinner Content.

Add all the necessary keywords would u like know what u want fetch from auto generater machine.Before that u need to select the option Tiered link building 1,2,3 and what basis u want to create,select the spin option that could help to spintext generator the actual content.

Note:You can also uplaod the existing content or else u can add one more own content that could help to get the exact matching content .See in this content generated tool have more powerfull option like u can protect your main keyowords from steel.




click on Next: then  u will get desired menu where u need to add more niche keywords and url which u actual tageting .See this machine is pretty much aweosme ,it will allows u to add the contextual links and sponsered links that can be rediirect the main site the auctual site you are targeting.



Here also suggest some contextual links and sponsored links that can have more redeemed to redirect towards landing page.This tool allows us to add the brands keyword and it will show some keyword density ,how much we can fix to that post.See this brand keywords more search volume in the google ,Do not stuff so that google pennalize to ur site,add the approximate keyword density.

Start the Campaign:

After entering all the steps in the kontent machine tools make sure u entered all the details correctly,once u click on Build Content then we can get ack to the amin setting .

So thats Y….Look a twise before push the Build Content.

After reviewinf the setting then click on the Build Content. After clickedont the button then the content auctually looks like.


Get Fresh and Unique Article:

 See after getting the article u need to check unique content  out the main thing in the content like Tittle,Headerbody,keywords,contextual links,Images and Videos After Click on the Build Content u will get the exact content respect to the main keywords.

See this tools is really awesome its automatically save the present and existing content . This content is helpfull to publish for the tier link building sites.

                      Click on Preview button then your article will display in your screen.

            Wait Its not Over Here …!

Export and Import the content:

You need to export and Import the content to the particualr niche so its easy by using this tool ,You can also the save the bluprint of the auctual content what u produced.



If u see the above the screen shot there is option called Build &Post where u can easily post the spined Content in T your particular niche. See this tool can easily send the article to the particular folder where u can get the old spin the seo content  software for further use .


Here we have the More Special Features:

  • Bookmarks: You can easily bookmark all the content sites where u have taken from .
  • Article Getter:You can instant get the Article through different sites.
  • About me:It will show info about the content as well Software.
  • Word Spinner:You can spin the word to word by using this tools.
  • Unspinner:You can also unspin the previous content which spined.
  • Bulk Spinner:You can create bulk spin content by using this option
  • Publish Files:You can easily Publish the ccontent or files To other niches site.
  • Campaign:You can create new campaign also rewrite Existing campaign.


  • This is the best way to create add-on Article
  • This software gives 100% unique content respective to the niche sites.
  • This tool provides the new and unique article
  • This tool is easy to use and easily get the response to generate the traffic .
  • It also provides Free Upgrades and updates the software free.
  • This is the first tool that gives the 100%  new content.

I personally recommend to use this tool for your niche relavent sites.


There is only one cons about this software tool is Proxy ,there is no inbuild harvester Proxy to use this tool to buy the premium Proxy that runs smoothly for life time.

Whats The Exact Software Cost ?

Before that lemme tell the main point of this tool ,I personally use this tool for  years i never get any headache about this software tool .Its really worked for me create the bulk amount of spin content for my niche relavents sites.

So when the matters come to money all the people afraid the price more high ,yeah the lifetime plan of the Kontent machine is $357 for lifetime ,if u want to pay the amount  $37 monthly  plan.

Life time Plan is :  ( $147  )see the price of the software is goes Ups and Downs with in 24 Hours ,Now The price is $217 ,if u skip this offer it will be $257 next 24 Hours .


Hurry up…….! I am going to share  this software tools upto 40 % kontent machine Discount for my beloved readers . kontent machine Discount for my beloved readers .Try to  Grab this offer as early as possible or else this offer goes high .  So the lifetime plan of this tool is $217 and the $29 monthly plan .



Monthly plan is 29$ discount sale29$ discount sale
100% money back guarantee offer for 30 days without asking any querries


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Mohamed Asif

Hey guys This is Mohammed Asif iam person behind this blog ,i am a affiliate markerter and seo analyst.My passion is to write blogging .
Mohamed Asif

Hey guys This is Mohammed Asif iam person behind this blog ,i am a affiliate markerter and seo analyst.My passion is to write blogging .

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