Long Tail Pro Guide : A Complete Guide To Find Keyword

Are u getting low traffic ,do u need special guide to rank with in span of time?

are u looking for the long tail keywords to fine the potential keywords .

“some people Don’thow to find long tail keywords”

so well so many people they don’t know how to seek keywords but essentially i too don’t know in the starting stage.

I wandered many sites  to seek the best keywords tool but i never friends such type of keyword tool to get the good results in serp:

long tail pro

so we are all well-known that the keywords is the basic part in seo ,where it helpful to drive traffic regarding to the keywords volumes .

we have the best and free tool adwords keyword planner ,this tool helps to lag the exact  keywords from the  google keyword planner.

so in this post   gonna talk long tail pro are u ready to know about this awesome tool.

So well lets started long tail Pro keywords ….

Step 1:Start a new campaign

In campaign create a new project name ,we need to enter our project title,so that we can analyze the keywords according to our project.

long tail pro

As u seen the above pic ,place the project title as u keyword select the language which u want to target,

Select the country u need to analyze the keywords.

Step 2: Add your keyword

see this is the best place where u need to add the keywords see the below pic u understand.

long tail pro

First u need to place the main keywords or target keyword in that box.

Enter   keywords which u have taken   competitor site ,see the competitor is the best friend of you,

Seek all the keywords which your competitor  is ranking so far ,and copy the keywords and enter the add my own keywords box.

As u familier in google keyword planner tool where u can suggest bid for our keywords so here we have the filter option to analyze the bid of that keywords:

see we have the best option for seeking according to the local search and global searches ,in that we can select either keywords in low competion or high or medium .


According to our need we can select the competition ,i refer to select the low competition keywords and high searches:

so after analyze the keywords just hit the enter the Generate keyword and fetch button :

Step 3:Activate Moz API key:

see this pic after that need to activate theMoz account by using the api key see this API key can not generate easily u need to create account in Moz:

  • After the account created successfully u need to generate api key  ,how u can create API key here is the link to Generate API/Key

long tail pro

After entering the API key successfully then u can capatalize this long tail pro tool:

Well as u seen the keywords in the pic so that u can analyze this tool.

long tail

Step 4:Analyze the keywords:

As u seen the above the snapshot ,so well so many got some relative idea about this tool ,lemme show some example so that u can understand .

how it’s really works ,when u  see the Brain Dean site  ,founder of  backlinko he Very well explained about google keyword planner .

lets come to topic ,see there are many seo tool to check the keywords for the long tail phrase but some tool gives much result and seo tool doesn’t :

so what ism telling is this is the best tool to check online ,we have the other related tool to check the keywords but that is not so much useful.

“when u come to this tool it will give u  free trail as well premium for one year “

Analyze the keywords:

See all  the keywords which u get from the long tail pro copy all the keywords in a notepad

write a good article by using that keywords around 500-1500 as per u like .see why i referring this tool means this tool works for where well for me:

“I may 100% guaranteed that u will definitely capitalized”

 analyze your competitors  Keywords:

This is tha main part for analyzing out competitors keywords ,what we need to follow to check the keywords.

  • very first thing need ot see the keywords in tittle
  • after that in the post
  • And the h1,h2,h3 and meta description

so that’s it after u analyze the keywords write the unique article by that keywords and just boom ur traffic .

Make some good amount of Backlinks for that post to your niche:
Over To You:WEll This all About the long tail pro :What u need to do just goahead and capitalizes this tool ,this tool offer you to get  the free trail and premium.

So better u can go free trail as well Annual plan.see when u go for the free trail ,I did this before i started the blog i mix up so many quarries in my mind so don’t do that  go for the annual plan .

It may cost u arround $77 +$17 per month :

so what are waiting for just link is below

   Click To Buy Long Tail Pro$77



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Mohamed Asif

Hey guys This is Mohammed Asif iam person behind this blog ,i am a affiliate markerter and seo analyst.My passion is to write blogging .
Mohamed Asif

Hey guys This is Mohammed Asif iam person behind this blog ,i am a affiliate markerter and seo analyst.My passion is to write blogging .

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