20 Best social media icon & Blogger widgets for blogger Dashboard

do u know  best blogger gadgets .

lemme know are u using any blogger plugin?

“have u use any plugin in the blogger dashboard.”

blogger widgets

Do u create any best email list by using the blogger platform?

Some people might think blogger platform does not have any best plugin :

As we are Familiar with  WordPress we have plenty of plugins to use but in the blogger we dont have.

some people looking the  best blogger widgets and gadgets for the blogger platform.

then never get any blogger plugin or any such kind of widget that helps them to capatalize .

Am i right…

“If Really,”

we have the best new widgets for blogger so in this post iam gonna share the best widgets thats help u to install in the blogger.

Best Blogger Widget some people looking for the best  wordpress plugins ,some people need those plugin in the blogger.

We have the best widget in the HTML /CSS format u need so u need to follow those steps which has given in that code.

As we known that the wordpress plugin are premium those plugin can’t access in the blogger.

Here u can get all the premium blogger plugins tutorial in this u can learn about widgets that help to analyze all the blogger gadgets.

Note: In this tutorial when u start this just u need to backup your blogger templates.

Make sure You have backup template or else all ur  Work going to vain.

Top best Social media icons & Blogger widget for Dashboard:

All in one seo Pack:

All one seo pack is one of the  best plugin for the wordpress but we  don’t have plugin for the Blogger dashboard

some people can wander many places but they can not that plugin but we have the best blogger plugn it will help u to work as wordpress plugin.

We have the best widget in the HTML /CSS format u need so u need to follow those steps which has given in that code.

just Goahead  and Follow the procedure.


Email Widget For Blogger:

Email widget is one the best widget more followers see in the wordpress we have the best opt in widget called bloom.lemme tell u what are benefits of using email marketing  as well getting more followers.

where u can create plenty of emaillist that will help u to grow ur follower so that u can directlysend the post or anything in their inbox.

see when we are getting more followers u will also get more coolest email names  .


what u heard is absolutely right if we know the importance of self destructing email is the major see in this widget.

we have the best email marketing examples  and the best widgets for the more followers just goaheadand use this widgets


Facebook like box Pop up widget:

Facebook is one the best social network to get more visitors.This widget helps to get more followers lemme tell u we need to  create a  business facebook page to get unique followers.

Facebook page is one of the best way to get the attractive users here creating a personal facebook page is the best way to get know people and your followers.

hey u can also know that we can create fake page but believe me that  creating fake facebook page id is not usefull,acording to me its useless.


Social media widgets:

Social media widgets is one of the way to share the post from online .whenever the user want to share the post we need social media icons helps the user to share the post in the social sites.

social media icons is one the best way to display in the website where all the user can share our post  in the top best social media sites.
Media share is one of the best way to share our post and get more visitors as well as they also share our post in the social media sites.

Author widget for blogger:

 Author widget is one of the best widget for blogger to show whose person behind this sites.This widget also helps the user to get more followers as well as to get the more email subscriber.
This Author widget tells the user how it is going to do his performance as well how his going to share his post.
 if we add this blogger plugin in our post then the visitors follow our eac h and every stuff in our social media sites.
just goahead Capatalize this Author widget plugin.

Nicer social  icons for Blogger widgets:

Social icon is one the best widgets where everybody can see this social widget in evey websites as well app .

Why they are promoting this widget for blogger or website;

If u see the some there is  nice and well designed for the blogger but some site having unique widget where u can not find such type of widget .

DontWorry that here i will share those believe me that i have three well designs CSS Widgets,


Three Awesome well design widget .just follow those to install in the blogger platform.

Marking up Nicer Icons:

Marking social icons is the best blogger plugins  in this Widger you can easily install anywhere in the blogger platform like footer ,sidebar,below post and so on.social media icons

we have the three social  icons like

    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Google plus .

Step 1:

Goto Dashboard  –>Template –>Edit Html  –> just paste  Before </Style>

Now save Template

After saving template u need to some CSS Code in the Blogger Sidebar Widget. just follow the Procedure

Just follow the Procedure

  • Goto Dashboard–>Layout–>Add Widget–>HTML/JavaScript

CSS Flat Social Share Button:

 social media icons

Social Share buttion is one the best widget for the blogger where all the bloggers can easily install and look stylish.

This widget have more responsive and well designed for the blogger ,this widget can easily install in the footer widget it also applicable for each and every post .

If the visitors think that this content or post is useful for everyone then he/she is gonna share in the social media.


This share button widget can help to get the visitors from various sources for blogger platform.

Step 1:

Goto Dashboard–>Template–>Edit Html–>just paste Before </Style>

Step 2:

Now paste below Code  after </head>

Step 3:

Now search for <data.post:body/> and paste the code.

Now save the template .jsut check out the preview of your blog.

Animated Social Share Button For Blogger with CSS and Html:

Animated Social Share Button is one the best social button for the blogger platform ,This blogger plugin heps the user to easily install and visitors can easily hangout our post in the social networks.

This Social media widgets have most popular social media netwoks like facebook,google plus,Linked in ,Twitter ,and Pinterest.

Here u can add the widgets for blog for freely but it contains some lucid steps to install just check out.

Step 1:

Goto Dashboard–>Template–>Edit Html–>just paste Before </Style>

Now search for <data.post:body/> and paste the code.

Now u need to add the Social Fonts Styles of the social media widgets ,but before that u need to seek the code for </Head>tag and save the code .

This widget can be visible when u save the template.

Social icon With Text Counter:


Social icon is one the best widget for the blogger this widget can have large icons where in this widget u cana more social media widgets.

This Blogger theme can have large icons so that it can attact the user where he/she can easily see that how many followers ur blog have .

See this widget is more popular in many big sites.

Step 1:

Goto Dashboard  –>Template –>Edit Html  –> just paste  Before </Style>

Save Template

Now go to Blogger Dashboard –>Layout-Add Widget –>HTML-Javascript.

Weather widget:

weather widget is one of the best widget for the blogger platform.we see the lots of plugin for the wordpress but we dont have for blogger platform.

see this widget help u to analyze the weather report from the site itself.some sites having the gives the best and exact report but some times it will show wrong.

In this post u can get this widget ,U can also learn how to add those weather widget tint te blogger dashboard.

Google search box widget:

google search box widget can have the best blogger plugin for the blogger this widget help the user to search sites name or any blog name in the internet.

This search box plays a prominent role in the blogger because when the user want to search any post then this widget help to seek related the post.

we have many search box stylish widget for the blogger  where u can easily install them in the blogger dashboard.

Google Translate Widget:

Google translator widget is easily translate the language from one language to another language.This Google translator widget help the other user to change according to their own .

This widget much more popular in the google to translate ,but we have the wordpress plugin to use

But we have the best translator widget for the blogger dashboard here u can easily install .

Email subscription widget:

Email subscription widget is one best widget to get more subscriber by using this widget we can easily install ,This email widget can help the visitor to get in touch by free email marketing platform  .

As we are familiar wWordPressess we have many pro subscribe widget called bloom and many others are availible but it is premium to use.

By using this widget we can get best e mail marketing campaigns  that help us to get more subscriber .we can also get the cool emails  that help us to know the subscriber.

In th blogger we have best stylish and well design subscriber widget for the blogger .here u can easily install and add this widget in the blogger dashboard.

Instagram widget:

Instagram widget is the best widget for blogger this widget help to get more visitors by using this widget we can share our post in Instagram .

By sharing post in the Instagram it will help us to get the unique visitor for the blogger.This Instagram we can analyze as web viewer in blogger platform itself .

Once we installed this widget  we can analyze all the traffic from the Instagram.


 Custom permalink structures:

custom structures is one of the best thing to add in the blogger but we dont have any permalink widget for the blogger but we have the yoast plugin for the wordpress .

This Yoast plugin is the best plugin whee we can check all the keywords density as well keywords and structures as well we can create best permalink what the googlee loves.

In this post we have the best tutorial permalink for blogger platform especially .


Grammer check:

grammer check is one of the best checker tool in online where  we can spell check our post .this tolol can be sort out all the mistaked and correct all the punctuation  without any mistake.

if the person dont know the englisg grammer this tool can help to detect the error and correct those eror.

This grammer tool can  easily plagarismed the post and correct all the errors .This free grammer ccheck tool can be useful so many place where we need most.


Content Locker:

Content locker widget is one of the best widget to lock the premium content when the user want to see the premium content he/she need to share the post later it available .

If u see the big sites they are using this kind of strategy to get the more visitors as well the post gets viral in the socail networks.

I recomment u to use the best content locker for the wodpress is Bloom check out its how its look.”

By using this widget we can lock the content and it get more likes share this trick .so this trick for the blogger platform .


Google Comment widgets:

Recent comment box is very essential in each and every blogger site where he can place as he wants .this widget helps the user to know what type of comment or going on this blog.
This comment widget helps us to Get some idea about the post whether it is useful for the visitor or not.
We have the best comment form for the blogger wehre u can add anywhere int he blogger and it design in CSS .You can add this google widgets any where in the blogger.

Floating Ads Blogger Widget:

Floating ads is one of the best widget for the premiumadsense accoutn whre u can get more adsense income from the google company .
If u see the big sites like online shopping or enews site there is banner and left and right side.this ads generate massive amount of income for the website.
This floater ads get more ppc and click  to get more money when ever the visitor clcick ont his link we can generate more income .
This Banner ads helps the user to get more attractive & more ppc via google adsense.
Note :If ur adsense account is not premium Dont use in longterm ,now the google algorithm has changed for click jacking & Floater ads:
“”I recommend to u not to ue this Floater ads in long term sites otherwise ur adsnse account will be banned”
If u really ant to use this just go ahead and get this widget for your blogger dashboard.

Over To You:

This is the best blogger widgets that which i shared to you this widget is works awefull for me ,i hope u like this widget for the blogger dashboard.

Here i share all the best blogger plugin that is very useful each and evey one for blogger platform.

This is the best list which i sorted out among all the plugin for blogger dashboard .

If u like the post sharewith your friends and social media.

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Mohamed Asif

Hey guys This is Mohammed Asif iam person behind this blog ,i am a affiliate markerter and seo analyst.My passion is to write blogging .
Mohamed Asif

Hey guys This is Mohammed Asif iam person behind this blog ,i am a affiliate markerter and seo analyst.My passion is to write blogging .

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